Thursday, June 17, 2010

$20 Billion Shakedown

I personally believe that the arm-twisting shakedown of BP by the Obama thugs is beyond disgraceful. It is unlawful. Neither Obama nor Congress have any Constitutional right or authority to demand BP give up this money to the federal government.

Let's look at a few facts on all this mess:

BP originally asked to drill a new well in 500 feet of water. This requested was approved by the State of Louisiana but the federal government refused permission and demanded that the well be drilled in 5,000 feet of water.

Fact 1:

This well was being drilled in 5,000 - not 500 - feet of water because of the federal government and the green idiots in positions of power.

Over a dozen nations offered help contain all this oil by using some of the best and most modern equipment available, equipment neither BP nor the United States has. They were not allowed to help.

Fact 2:

From the very beginning, the federal government refused assistance, citing the Jones Act, a depression-era law created to protect union workers in the 1920's. The Union grip around Obama's neck has cost us dearly.

BP offered to honor all legitimate claims for damage, even though our federal government had created a law that required them to be liable for only 75 million dollars worth of damage. BP established a 10 BILLION DOLLAR fund to cover these claims. By doing so, BP guaranteed that 9 billion, 925 million dollars above the federal government cap would be available to settle claims.

Chew on that for a minute. 9 billion, 925 million dollars above what the federal government originally wanted.

The Chicago thugs in Washington were not satisfied with that, because it would be BP writing the checks. The Chicago thugs wanted to get their hands on all that CASH, all that real money, all those billions that will now not go to those who need it. The Chicago thugs will make a few widely publicised payments with our compromised media in tow, but I guarantee you that the most of that now 20 billion dollar giveaway of real cash will vanish forever.

Fact 3:

By defying the law and ignoring our Constitution, Obama and his masters are going to pocket billions more, and there is no one to stop them.

BP guaranteed a fund of 10 billion dollars - and set the cash aside - to help anyone with a legitimate claim.

Now, BP has to cough up 10 billion more, not into the original fund, but into the hands of lawless criminals, thieves of the first magnitude.

The real victims in all this will see little of that twenty billion. No one should believe that all the money would have been properly disbursed, there is always pilfering and cheating of some degree. But at least with BP, they would have got a whole lot more of that 10 billion dollars. With Obama and his 40 thieves? A few hundred million at best to cover their tracks. Wait and see.

Fact 4:

BP should not have caved. They should have challenged Obama. Or told him to go to hell.

They still should.

Fact 5:

We should demand that every penny of that twenty billion be fully accounted for... Where it went, why, who got it, and how much. None of this ludicrous Obama kind of "transparency", but a real hard-nosed, wide-open accounting of every dollar.

But that is about as likely as Christ returning at noon tomorrow.

(Eastern Standard Time)

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Ted Amadeus said...

I don't see any winners, but a whole lot of whiners in this little show.
Lest we forget, NONE of it wouldn't happened without the botched attempt at yet another "springtime shake-down": Every year around March or April there's a freaking tanker leak/capsizing/massive spill/refinery fire or shutdown...some tommy-rott excuse for the big oil extortioners at OPEC and ARAMCO (most the big shots of which are about as Arab as Jerry Seinfeld) to screw the Americans out of more money for the same oil. This one backfired, and provided excuse for one gang of crooks to take advantage of another.
All the GOPhers Rush-ing to BPs defense across the blogosphere fail to see themselves about as logical-appearing as two slaves in the old south beating eachother senseless over which has the better master.

PS, OT: The first right-wing campaign ad you see shriking on about TWOT/911 will be your clue that they'll be going back to big business as usual, once in power.