Sunday, June 06, 2010

Audio Evidence

Israel has released audio tapes of the terrorists' conversations on board those relief ships just before the Israeli soldiers boarded the ships. FOX news played a bit of one for us a few moments ago. On those tapes are statements such as:

"We're here to support the Arabs."
"Remember 9-11, guys."

Terrible. Terrible. Vicious animals ready and willing to kill anybody not of their belief system.

Just a thought or two before I buy into it...

The only audio on the tape was the voices. If you have ever been on a smallish vessel at sea, you know there are ocean sounds, engine sounds, lots of sounds... All the time. There was none of that on these tapes.

The voices were all monotone, no excitement in them at all, as one would expect, if the Israeli warships and helicopters were fast approaching, full of commandos "armed with paint ball guns" - If one is to believe Glen Beck...

Most dubious, the taped conversations were in ENGLISH.

Now why would a group of Arab "terrorists" getting ready to confront Israeli commandos have a calm, quiet talk amongst themselves in English?

How did the Israeli's get the tapes in the first place? Did they drop a tape recorder on board one of those boats just before the raid?

For that matter, when would any commander of a high risk military operation proceed by arming their best and brightest with paint ball guns?

It's hard to believe that the FOX news editors thought this audio "evidence" to be real, and that the FOX anchors are so naive as to believe this tape was genuine.

Maybe the Israeli commandos really did board that ship armed only with paint ball guns. Maybe the terrorists on board spoke only English.

Propaganda is always expected and should be generally ignored, particularly when it is as crude and amateurish as this was.


Ted Amadeus said...

Commandos with paint-ball guns...I suppose all the corpses just shot themselves! How stupid are we expected to believe - oh, strike that: I just remembered seeing some of the pablum kids have been getting fed in the pubic screw-ools the last couple decades.
Forget I asked!

craftycorner said...

Someone dubbed that thing into English before it saw it's TV debut? :/ And some bright spark thought to clean up something audible in the back ground by just removing all the background. We didn't see the REAL tape.