Friday, June 30, 2006

Super Alien

Over at The Hollywood Reporter (.com),they are wondering aloud if the newest Superman is no longer "American".
Nevermind Superman's sexual orientation. Here's another identity-related question that is likely to spark controversy as the Man of Steel soars into theaters nationwide this Fourth of July weekend in Warner Bros. Pictures' "Superman Returns": Is Superman still American?
Of course he isn't... never was.

He was born on the planet krypton, came here in a spacecraft, landed somewhere in middle America and ended up working at a newspaper.

He was sent here by his Dad, did not go through customs, did not get a work permit, was raised, educated and cared for by friendly American taxpayers and... continues to hide his identity and whereabouts.

In reality, Superman is just another "undocumented worker", an illegal alien of the first magnitude.

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