Friday, June 02, 2006

328 feet, And You're Dead Meat

More from the Middle East:
Egyptian security sources cast doubt on the Israeli account of an incident near Israel's Mount Saguy, opposite the Egyptian town of Bir el-Ma'in, in which the Israeli soldiers claim they saw three men infiltrating at least 100 meters (328 feet) into Israel, and opening fire on them.

Egypt says they were local policemen, shot after wandering across the unfenced desert border by accident.
100 meters across an unfenced desert border.

To believe that Egypt would attempt to infiltrate Israel with three uniformed policemen -- across open and exposed desert sand -- is to believe in the tooth fairy. Those Jewish soldiers could have just as easily walked up to those uniformed Egyptian policemen and told them they had crossed the border. Instead, ingrained contempt and hatred won the day.

But... it really doesn't matter who shot first, or for what reason. It's just more death in yet another pointless incident that will do its bit to increase the mindless hatred between Jews and Arabs.

What actually happened will never be known, since both sides will continue to lie forever over who was the guilty party. Everyday normal stuff in the Middle East... another example of the way of life over there in insanity land.

The real point for us to consider is that 3 Arabs "infiltrated" or "wandered" -- take your pick -- 328 feet into Israeli occupied territory... and got shot dead.

Now, that's border security! Even if the legality of that "border" has been in question for decades.

Imagine the uproar here in America if three Mexican policemen "wandered" 328 feet across our border and got shot by American soldiers.

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