Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dead Wrong

I watched "Dead Wrong" on CNN last night.

On the surface, it was a damning report about our intelligence community and it's failure to give President Bush and his staff correct and accurate intel before Bush committed American forces in an attack on Iraq with this "pre-emptive" war to prevent Saddam using any of his massive stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction on American cities.

But the body of this report was loaded with facts as to how Bush and his team selectively picked and used only intel that supported their desire to invade Iraq. This report demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bush and crowd were going to attack Iraq no matter what, using any rumor or source they could dredge up as justification.

The English report on Saddams purchase of uranium from Africa? The one Bush made such a dramatic speech about? It was over a year old, and dismissed by our own people, who went there and checked it out. Bush knew this, so did his staff.

The tubes for the centrifuges that Saddam was buying? Many of our own people -- experts all -- tried to show Bush they were for rocket bodies and could not possibly be used to enrich uranium. He ignored them all.

There were no WMD's in Iraq, we all know that now, and according to this report and many before it... Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld -- all of them -- knew it long before we attacked Iraq.

They were not misled. They were not given "bad" intel. Bush and his "people" were determined to pick a fight with Iraq, and not for any of the reasons they claimed.

There are no WMD's.
Saddam was not supporting Osama, nor did he have any connection with Al Qaeda or the Taliban.
Saddam had no plans whatever to attack any American city.

We can all see that now, even while Bush and crowd continue their fruitless efforts to convince us otherwise.

As we pass 2,500 killed in this war, I want to know the real reason Bush did this, why he lied to us all, why Cheney lied to us all, why Rumsfeld lied to us all, why Rice lied to us all.

I want to know why Bush started this war.

I want to know who is behind the scenes, encouraging this Man Bush to lie, to spend the lives of thousands of Americans uselessly, to squander billions and billions of dollars... for what? For who?

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