Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Dreaded 666

You saw it on TV, all the hype about the dreaded day that signaled something really, really bad was going to happen and destroy us all, forever.

It's the dreaded "devil's day", apparently created by the association of one paricular date on our calendar and the 666 mentioned in the bible. Or 6-6-6, or six, sixty and six, or six hundred and sixty six... whatever.

Was it the dreaded day? Was June 6, 2006 the long awaited day of retribution and punishment? The day some people actually are looking forward to? The day the world is destroyed and almost six billion people are put to the torch, keeping in mind that only 144,000 or so are supposed to be "saved".

The much feared day has come and gone, and We're still here, no scorpions, no fire and brimstone, no horns blaring, no beastly devil kin on the loose, no four horsemen... all that really, really scary stuff, you know... the stuff that makes your kids scared of the dark.

Not even a decent earthquake.

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