Friday, October 30, 2015

My Old Age Insurance Policy Is Called Social Security

That's right.

The government made a binding deal with all of us workers to help in our old age. That's what Social Security is, an old age insurance policy. It's not an entitlement program, or some other government giveaway.

The only problem is that the bastards in Congress stole all the money - two trillion, six hundred billion dollars from the Social Security trust fund. That's $2,600,000,000,000.00 - gone - gone to crap nations that vote against us in the U.N., gone to thieving international bankers and Wall Street cretins, gone in to the pockets of international munitions makers world wide and countless other pockets of the elite bastards everywhere.

My generations money. We worked for that money, every bit of it, and we believed  it was being put safely away for our old age. We earned it, and the government took it - and spent it all.

Now, this generation is picking up the bill that this lying, thieving government ran up and are righteously pissed about it.

I say government, but its the people we elected to  public office that did it. People like Reid in the Senate, and Boehner in the House, along with a long list of political criminals that have escaped justice.

If we had any gumption, W'ed hunt them all down and slaughter them without mercy, and that may happen anyway, not by us old timers, but by this generation that's stuck with the bill.

But don't count on it. Today's Metro males and their endlessly angry and insulted women actually believe liars like Obama are looking out for them.  Oh yes they do, they voted him into office twice, and STILL haven't figured what the real score is.

Now they are rooting for Hillary Clinton. I can only conclude they think the government that screwed my entire generation won't screw them. Maybe after another 20 or 30 million "immigrants" take their jobs  they might wake up.

Probably not. The stupid, it runs too deep.

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