Monday, October 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton... A Bridge Too Far

Ambition can doom any of us...

Drowning in troubled waters of her own making

Bill and Hillary had it made. They had their "foundation" with its hundreds of millions of dollars, were jetting all around the world giving speeches for outrageous fees,  were partying and hob-nobbing with the worlds leading liberals, progressives, dictators and  scumbags of all stripes(politicians), and hardly anybody gave a damn,  Most of us were just glad to be rid of them.

Then Hillary decided to be the first female president. She should have known that her enemies would be more than happy to  resurrect all of the Clinton misadventures plus any new ones that happened to come along.

So now, she is in deep doo-doo over hers - and Bills - lifelong habits of lying, cheating and ignoring the law. Some of that may even land her in prison.

She should have been satisfied of having been a United States Senator, a  Secretary of State and the wife of a two-time(and two-timing) United States President.. That way the Clinton's could have spent the rest of their days in luxury and comfort.

But now?

Unfettered ambition... worse than crack.

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