Monday, October 12, 2015

Assigning Responsibility For Crimes By Illegals

This from Ex-Army:

Ex-Army adds:

As the quibcag states, those who advocate for or encourage in any way the entry of immigrants are responsible for what those immigrants do.

Somebody once brought his dog along when a friend invited him to stay the night. The dog destroyed a bunch of stuff. The owner shrugged as if to say both "What are you gonna do," and "I have no responsibility in this affair." Only a really fanatical dog-lover could buy that. No, if you are responsible for the entry of any thing or person into a place, you're also responsible for what the thing of person does there.

This applies to all immigration advocates regardless of their motivation. If liberals want to "help" immigrants, they're responsible for what the immigrants do once they get here. If conservatives want immigrants here for their cheap labor, ditto. And when libertarians want them here because borders are immoral or imaginary or whatever their current smug-assed rhetoric is, they're responsible for the rapes, murders, robberies, and welfare grabs that the immigrants carry out. Just as if these self-righteous libertarians committed the crimes themselves.

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Don't like this sort of finger-pointing? Well, actually accepting responsibility instead of just talking about accepting responsibility can be a real bummer.

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