Saturday, May 04, 2013

Not So Good Times

The day after my last previous post wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2B, so blog posts went to the bottom of the list of priorities.

She was going to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital for chemo and radiation treatments and was halfway through the process when she had a stroke, paralyzing her left side. After four days in ICU and five days in recovery, she's in a skilled nursing facility as she recovers from the stroke.

After she regains sufficient mobility, she will finish of the cancer treatments. This type of cancer has a 99% cure rate, so no real worries on that front. After that, doctors will decide whether or not to remove the problem pluming, so we may still have a few more hills to climb.

Family members arranged for an apartment for me just three blocks away from the hospital and skilled nursing center, so my daily visits are just a short drive. We hauled one of the computers up to this place, so I can now post/read, etc. in the evenings.

Right at this time I could give a damn what's happening on the national level, so don't expect much from me for the next few weeks.

The 900 lb. gorilla we are facing is her  insurance  coverage, since she has been refused coverage on both the cancer and the stroke at the same time, giving us an either/or choice on treatments. The doctors decided that the stoke recovery was the more critical of the two, so she is at the skilled nursing home receiving treatment for the stroke.

Medical insurance has become a minefield in which tippy-toeing through the tulips  has become a vital skill and probably our biggest worry. Our son is handling most of this situation, something I am not currently able to cope with.

Good times... bad times. We all get both.


texlahoma said...

Sorry to hear that, I wondered where you had been. We've been fighting an insurance company over my parents long term care. Seems like they just automatically refuse claims anymore.

I'll be thinking about you and I hope things turn out as well as they can.

Anonymous said...

A fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
When my time comes to check out, I dare to hope it will be quick & merciful.

from the work 20

W.LindsayWheeler said...

Sorry to here this. Will pray for you.

Astrosmith said...

Praying for you both.

Insurance can go to hell... And with Obama care, it is!