Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Cavalry Comes Through


Just imagine that the above picture is of my son, his wife and friends for the last few weeks. They have been relentless in the search for proper treatment, something I would have never had a clue how to do. I would have never found out the ways around the massive bureaucracy that is health care to find to options and ways the government does provide... but is not required to inform anyone about.

Thanks to their incredible efforts,  the way is now clear for Jan to get both skilled nursing treatment for her stroke and the radiation treatments for her cancer. She re-starts her radiation treatments tomorrow, and the nursing home will provide transportation to the hospital cancer center and back.

Co-pay for the skilled nursing center is jumping up to around 28% of the total cost, but that appears do-able, another area where our son is stepping up to the plate.

Jan's' stroke recovery is slow but steady. We are hoping that the progress is sufficient enough that the board of deciders - or whatever they are called - will see fit to continue her treatments.

At least the cancer will now be beaten back.

And that's a major win, believe me.


Master Doh-San said...

Wonderful news. Thanks for letting us all know.

texlahoma said...

Oh, very good to hear.
It's great to have family support.

Bob said...

Thanks guys....

Your words of support are most welcome.

Astrosmith said...

Hang in there, will keep praying for her, and for you.