Monday, April 08, 2013

Reliable Granny

Whenever I want to find something from the lefties to shred, I can always go to  Granny: Her blog is a target rich environment for such items.

Here's a beaut she just posted:

The above graphic shows that military spending topped both health care and education. It does not include government pensions and social security. That's  sort of a huge omission.

Below is a chart based on actual spending, not one made by some wing nut that doesn't know about social security and government pensions:

Health care and pensions totaled 44%, way more than national defense.

For anyone wanting to check out these figures, it will take maybe two minutes on the net.  I often find myself wishing these lefties would take those two minutes and actually verify what they post.

I also wish I would win the lottery.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, leaving out social security and government pensions IS a HUGE omission.
I think they should have included Obama and family's vacations and secret service costs.

texlahoma said...