Monday, May 14, 2012

More And More....

... Democrats are looking for ways to dodge a presidential visit:

You may have noticed that Obama is not making much of an effort to support Democratic candidates. Seems his personal support has become the kiss of death.

Maybe that's because a kiss from Obama may now mean something entirely different than what we thought... thanks to Newsweek.

Or maybe it's because Obama is not a Democrat, nor is anyone in his administration. They are all something else. And whatever that "something else" is, it's certainly not a Democrat, or a Republican, or an Independent, or an American.

Whatever that "something else" is, it has become obvious that their goal is to destroy the Republic and put the nation under the control of unelected foreign bureaucrats.

Just watch what our self-proclaimed Progressive Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing at the UN and the Hague. While Obama is distracting us with trivia, Clinton is busy burdening the United States and it's citizens with foreign laws and rule.



Galt-in-Da-Box said...

...which to this point our Congress has had the common sense to reject.
So far, so good.

Bob said...

Not because they want to, but because they realize they're close to getting lynched.

texlahoma said...

Reminds me of Bush, when he was president, no one wanted his "help".

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Tex- A George W. Bush endorsement of COMM-ney will seal the Stupid Party's fate in this election & give DumB-0 4 more wars...I mean years, yeah, that's it.
Expect it any day now, as the GeOPapists appear to be doing EVERYTHING possible to throw this one away!