Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Friendly Skies

"Look! It's a bird, it's a plane!"

"No, It's  a superarmed drone!"

Yessir, in all our futures... Armed drones that may actually send something similiar to a Hellfire missile into your neighbor's - or maybe your - home.

Don' t be too surprised if you  look out your window one of these days and  see something like the thing pictured above peering into your window. After all, you do read this blog, which is penned by an ex-military member,  thusly  -according to Homeland Security - making me a potential threat.

Would such a drone, hovering over your house, looking into your window, somehow be violating your private airspace? Or do we have such a thing as our own airspace?

Where does public airspace start? At ground level, or perhaps some distance above that?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

There's a fascinating video about this very unwieldy, gangly drone on YouTube, a sales video.
I suppose if you're Mark Zuckerberg or George Soros, you can now buy your own personal airforce!
I wonder how these overpriced hunks of plastic stand up to heavy fire from say an M-60 or AA12?

We may not be too far from finding out.
Drones have proven susceptible to hackers and sabotage, to say nothing of localized EMP projection devices (of the type utilized by LAPD), and this may be one of the reasons they are not already in widespread use.

texlahoma said...

It's starting to look like the movie "Terminator" was right on the money.
The Running Man really predicted things too. Like the media changing audio and video to make someone look guilty.

Off subject - Looks like our stance on Obama's birth certificate will prove to be correct, big time!

You should listen to Alex Jones today at

Bob said...

Three letters:


Radio Frequency Interference.

Will take out of of these things in a New York minute.

texlahoma said...

RFI huh?

That's extremely interesting.

Bob said...


You take a small dish antenna (highly directional) and transmit a carrier wave(100 watts or so) at the drones receiver frequency with white or pink noise on it at the indruder. Your signal will totally drown out any signals coming from a remote operator.

If they are transmitting on multipule frequencies it becomes much more difficult, so to counteract that would take more sophisticated equiopment.

A signal from a highly directional transmitting antenna would be difficult to pinpoint by anyone looking for it.

Of course, transmissions like that are illegal for us to do, so -naturally - I don't recommend this sort of thing against a lawful target.