Thursday, April 05, 2012

What Was The Point?

77-year-old Charles Manson is a gray-haired and gray-bearded bitter old man who never once felt regret for his crimes, never once expressed any sympathy for his idiotic cult followers who killed for him, and never became even partially penitent. Inside, he remains the insane killer he was back in 1969.

Next Wednesday, Manson goes up for his his 12th parole hearing. It could be his last because state law now allows a denial of parole for up to 15 years.

Ok. He's been in prison for over forty years, a ward of the State of California, a burden on the California taxpayer for over four decades. So why did they not just put him down? Why bother to let him live all these years? He hasn't changed, he will not change.

The one good thing he has done for all of us is to show what a waste of time, effort and resources life sentences are.

If we are going to lock somebody away for his entire life only to see him die behind bars, don't wait decades to watch them die. Let them appeal - once - and if they lose, lights out. No lifetime free ride.

With over six billion now alive on this overburdened planet, we certainly won't miss one wasted, useless life.


W.LindsayWheeler said...

I totally agree. There is no need for "life sentence". If twenty years is not enough for the recompense of justice, then, they need to be shot, hanged, or gassed.

It is a total waste of resources. If any crime is so horrendous that twenty years is not enough---that person needs to be put down.

bart simpsonson said...

Fuck Charles Manson, let him rot in jail forever

Bob said...

Nope Bart...

Not on our dime, unless he spends his life making little rocks out of big rocks... that we can then sell as gravel.

And it he can't make enough gravel to sell to pay for his food, he goes hungry.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Glad you're back, Bob.
Place wasn't the same without you.

Only in the People's Republic of Californication - where every stupid idea eventually becomes law - would they let a mass-murderer suck on the public teet almost half a century!