Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Civilization To The Caves

I've been fascinated by all the civilization ending scenarios being bandied about on TV and the blogs. We have huge asteroid hits, super volcanoes, pandemic diseases, nuclear war, a large sun flare, even a black hole wandering by.

The end of civilization doesn't need to be that dramatic. All we need to do is shut off the electricity. Civilization - as we know it - cannot exist without it.

Consider: One fine day(or night) your electric service suddenly stops. A bit of checking around and you discover that the neighbors have lost their electricity also. Now, that's a bit inconvenient, at least for the first few hours.

If you live in a hot area, the loss of your air-conditioning suddenly becomes a real problem. No electricity, no cooling.

If you live in a cold area, you discover your furnace has stopped. Even if your furnace is gas or propane fueled, it has a large electric motor to move the air around in your house. No electricity, no heating.

Then, you realize that all the food in the refrigerator is starting to spoil.

But you have planned ahead, you have an emergency generator in the garage. Just gas it up and you can save all that frozen food in the refrigerator and the freezer. Drive down to the gas station and get a can of gas.

Oops, the gas station has electric motors that pump their gas. They don't have any electricity either. Sorry, no gas today.... Say goodbye to all that food.

You go to the restroom, use the toilet, flush, and then notice the tank is not refilling. You see, the water delivered to your house, no matter where it comes from, needs pumps run by big motors to get that water to your house. And 99% of those motors are electric.

If you live in an all-electric home, everything has stopped working. Your electric range is a big useless chunk of metal in the kitchen... you can't even warm up water or cook your food. Your TV, your hair dryer, your electric razor... all useless. Your computer doesn't work. You can't recharge your cell phone, your I-Pad or your I-Pod.  All those fancy electronic gadgets are  now just expensive pieces of junk.

To summarize, your house is now no different than a $29.95 tent, just bigger. You have to cook with an open fire. You have to haul your water from the nearest pond or lake. You use the nearest bush out in the yard for a toilet. You tolerate whatever the weather tosses at you. Want to wash your clothes? Hah... your washer and dryer ran on electricity. Want to wash your dishes, your pots and pans? There's no water, remember? Want to take a shower? Dream on.

You might as well go live in a cave. It's more defendable than that tract home or apartment you live in.

Now, in a more serious vein, the Obama administration and it's gaggle of flunkies want to close down 40% of our coal fired electrical plants with those all-new regulations from that madwoman Lisa Jackson and the EPA.

What will you lose in your enviorment if 40% of your electricity vanishes?

Or, far more likley, how will you manage through rolling blackouts that will last for hours, sometimes days?

Remember, nationwide, coal-fired plants create more than half of our electricity.

Obama, his little band of lunatics, and the globalist puppet masters that control them, are using the global warming hoax as a mechanism to gain more wealth, power and control.

They want us to believe that the world is warming, It is not.  It's been cooling for at least the last fourteen years. They tell us this non-existant warming is caused by our coal-fired plants. It is not.

They are all lying. They all know they are lying.  And, they all think you are too stupid to see the truth, that they will ultimately win,  that if they lie long enough, you will eventually believe them. 

None of them deserve any more time in positions of power.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Why has no one filed a lawsuit against the Kenyan Communist & his earth-bitch-worshipping spiritualist fanatics?
There is more than enough evidence AGW/CC is bullshit.

Bob said...

Because all the lawyers believe they will be a part of the new world order, a member of the privledged elite.

What they don't realize is that if they are not a part of it already, they never will be.

texlahoma said...

Great post!
All very much true.
There are a lot of people that bought into the man made global warming lie, hook line and sinker, and their egos won't let them admit they were wrong. As you know, it's all about squeezing more money out of the "little people" (us) in the form of taxes and regulations.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The "New World Order" is what they are killing!
It's the JEW world order they are establishing, through the united (abomi)nations & the Rockefellers & Rothschilds who own it.