Monday, April 09, 2012

The Fuse... She Is Lit

Reuters) - Two white men accused of shooting five black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing three of them, have confessed to authorities, media reports said on Monday, citing police and court documents.

Jake England, 19, has admitted to police that he shot three of the victims and Alvin Watts, 33, has said that he shot two others, a Tulsa police spokesman told the New York Times.

Here's the rest of the story:

Shortly before Friday's killings, England had lamented on his Facebook page that two years had passed since his father was killed by a black man, who he referred to with a racial slur.

Hmmm... racial slur it's called. Political correctness has no place in a case like this, because it deflects and reduces the impact of the words and the incident.

His Facebook page has been taken down, so verification is no longer available about what he said. But it was quite nasty, according to some reports.

The Black Panthers are calling for bloodshed. Looks like they're liable to get exactly what they want, except for all of the unanticipated consequences, of which there will be many. You just can't repeatedly threaten a huge section of the population with murder and bloodshed without eventually triggering a response.

And it may just be that these two Oklahoma boys have shown us all what that response could look like.

Not good... not good.

Those panthers need to start thinking through what they are trying to do. They're kicking and stabbing at a presently passive giant that may - without warning - suddenly flash into rage and stomp them into the dust.


W.LindsayWheeler said...

I'm sorry, it is not "Two White" men. The main perpetrator is Cherokee. When did the American Indian become White?

This is how sick our media is. Zimmerman is hispanic but he was labelled white and this guy is Cherokee, but he is also labelled white?

The animus of the Liberal Jew controlled media is so great, that every person that anywhere assaults a black man must be white!

Not only that the Media persist in using a five year old picture of Trayvon as a sweet innocent kid!

It is the Media that is fanning the flames.

Bob said...

I did not know that one of them was a Cherokee Indian.

But I do agree with you about the media. Seems that every one of them - even if they have an Irish surname - are actually Jewish, and firsters all.

My Dad used to say he believed the Zionist plan was to interbreed the black and white races until there was none of either left, just a race of off-color halfwit servants to control.

Maybe he had something there, considering how they are ruthlessly pushing the black man with a white woman in every ad, TV show and movie.

texlahoma said...

Let me just add this - I live in Oklahoma and most people have both white and Indian blood, I do. Most people don't make the distinction unless the individual is full blood and claims to be or embraces being Native American.
But I agree, the media is trying to start a race war. I hate the way they show angelic child pics instead of probable gang banger pics.

I guess the Black Panthers think Zimmerman should have let Martin beat him to death, because he was black.

Black people should want a race war even less than white people, I mean, considering what the word minority means.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Take the Jews'Media completely out of the equation, and you still have "Reverend" Mulebrey Racist stirring up shit every Sunday & enciting riots whenever there are deep honkee pockets to be picked.
Those troublemakers are the center hub that keeps the wheel of anti-white racism going.