Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Voter Rights

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has come out forcefully on the issue of voter rights.

There is all manner of things off-base with this:

First: Holder has a proven reputation of being basically AWOL when it comes to issues that affect the nation, other than supporting issues near and dear to the man who appointed him to the office, Barack Hussein Obama.

Second: Holder, Being a minority, should do as Supreme Court Justices do and recuse himself on issues that have hot buttons all over them concerning minorities.

Holder himself has stated that he believes a Florida law that will stop early voting on Sundays is racially motivated because blacks like to get together and vote early - en mass - after Sunday church services, many of which looks to me not like gatherings to honor God, but rather hip-swinging and gyrating singalongs at which some permanently angry and upset "Reverend" insults and hammers America.

Please do recall Obama's long-time "Reverend" Jeremiah White, who screamed from his pulpit "Don't God bless America, God damn America" and other such flag-waving niceties for our current president and possible future dictator.

Thirdly: In coming out so forcefully against the Florida law in particular, he positively demonstrates that he is indeed playing the race card over this entire issue.

Holder does not even like the idea of having to show a photo ID when you go vote. However, he is fine with you having to show a photo ID when you want to go fly a plane somewhere. To me, the right to vote is a lot more important to the nation than you flying off to visit Auntie Em.

We have voter fraud right here in Terrel, Texas. How do I know?

Mt wife has been a registered Republican for the forty some years I have known her. Two years ago, we decided to use the absentee voting system presently in place, filled in the voter forms and mailed in our ballots.

Two weeks after the election, she received a notice that her ballot had been rejected because her signature didn't match the one on record.

OK. we were a bit cranked that her right to vote had been violated by some two-bit flunky in the local election office, but that's not the point.

Ever since that time, she has been receiving mail, promotions and requests for money from the DEMOCRATIC party and Obama's people.

Our conclusion: Once her ballot was rejected, somebody at the local election office then used her name and address to vote for the democratic ticket, automatically putting her name of the democratic voter list, triggering all these mail responses she is getting.

Some folks will claim "coincidence" to which I claim "bullshit". Someone, or a group of someones at our local election headquarters was rejecting mail-in ballots and then using the rejected voters names to go vote with.

We will never vote absentee again, guaranteed, and United States Attorney General Eric Holder getting all hot under the collar over voting rights is a joke.

For that matter, so is Holder, as are the Terrell, Texas elections.

There are a whole lot of folks that need to start marking the calendars on their prison cell wall, starting with a few right here where I live.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Eric Holder reminds me much of Rick Perry, a loose cannon and embarrassment to all with whom he is associated.
After hearing about this shit on NPR yesterday, I'm curious as to how he rationalizes early voting as disenfranchisement but getting rid of motor voter laws (ID to vote) so every wetback too lazy to speak the freaking language can vote as many times as they want, is not...No, not really!
It's always amazing to me how the worst racists are not white...and now, they are seeking to entrench themselves in power - quite possibly permanently - just to make racism "faaaaaair".