Saturday, November 05, 2011

Awareness - Confrontation - Escalation

The "Occupy Someplace" people are - in my view - an interesting study in conflicting ideas and concepts. Mostly children of the boomer generation, they are the incredibly privileged but lazy, self-absorbed products of a lifestyle and education system that taught them nothing but pipe dreams and foolishness. The one thing they are very good at is following the beck and call of any self-anointed "leader" that claims to be anti-Capitalist, or anti-family, or anti-parent, or even anti-Christ.

Michael Moore is a typical example of one of their "leaders". Moore is a multi-millionaire, got there by being a greedy capitalist, but claims to be one of the 99% being dumped on by the Powers That Be. The Occupy crowd mentality buys into his fork-tongued tripe.


Because they are dumb, but not stupid. They are dumb because they have learned nothing from their schooling(who could with today's education system?), have no concept of critical thinking, never look ahead for potential and unexpected bad consequences, know little or nothing of the world, it's history and it's people. They represent a large group to whom logic is as alien as a Martian landscape.

But they are not stupid. They have brains that have - up to now - been used mostly as sponges for Progressive/Socialist/Marxist idiocy. But if you have a brain, sooner or later, reality starts to seep in.

That's whats happening to the Occupy crowd. They have been saturated their entire lives with the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist siren songs of the far left in school and college, bombarded by brainless pap on TV and inundated by base and crude filth from Hollywood.

These products of intense and lifelong brainwashing are finally sensing that something is very wrong. They are starting to understand that Wall Street and the Banks are not their friends, but like Kahn in Star Trek, keep missing the target.

It's not the institutions of Wall Street or the banks that are evil, it is the people that control them that are evil. They still haven't connected the dots between Congress and the cretins that are destroying America's economy and future. Congress, Wall Street and our banking system are all totally controlled by a small minority of amoral and godless thieves, pillagers and looters. They are the real targets.

Even Kahn in the above mentioned Star trek understood that it was Kirk - not the ship he commanded - that was his enemy.

One can hope that the Occupy crowd will eventually see through the fog they have existed in their entire lives.

When - and if - they do, remember they are the ones amongst us to whom violent protest and confrontation is an acceptable strategy. We may soon see our government facing it's citizens with tanks and advanced weaponry of all sorts, and don't think for an instant that the military will turn against it's masters. Our military will imprison and kill their fellow Americans as readily as they have been imprisoning and killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are already trained for it.

And our police? Their growth of power is frightening. There are many, many of them who would relish the idea of utilizing their SWAT training and tactics on innocent civilians trying to exercise their rights to assemble and speak freely.

If things do escalate, it may get very, very nasty.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This is going to backfire on the Khazakh asshole stirring it up: TOO MANY people already know about George Soros, who has earned the nickname of The Puppet-master (sounds like something out of that cheesy old Batman TV show), and I suspect this Oakland escapade has awakened the public as to the consequences of falling for his siren-song of bullshit.