Friday, September 24, 2010

Duck And Cover

The signs... They are everywhere.

Not the billboards and posters littering our highways and streets, begging us to buy, buy, buy.

Not those kinds of signs.

I'm talking of the signs, signposts and indicators pointing to the unmentionable and unacceptable but undeniable approach of our collapse.

As the majority of Americans forge onward through their self-created fog of plausible deniability, I get a morbid kind of satisfaction watching as the very foundation of society slowly washes away beneath their feet.

Sign: Unemployment is not going down.

They have offshored our factories, our manufacturing capability - our jobs - to third world nations where workers make $2.00/day. These jobs will not be replaced or recovered in our lifetimes. We have no jobs to offer, no factories to offer jobs, because we cannot compete with the people that today are creating the things we used to create in the very factories we gave them, for a tenth of what we made them for.

Those highly touted stimulus-created jobs will vanish when the money dries up, then watch unemployment figure rise even further.

Sign: The debt continues to climb.

The Obama administration loves to blame Bush for the debt. Well, its true. Bush - a Progressive tri-lateralist and dedicated one-worlder - did create the first stimulus, get us into two disastrous wars, promoted the Progressive policies that Obama champions today. Obama and Bush are two peas in the same pod, but Obama buys a bit of time - and wiggle room - by blaming his predecessor.

But... Obama is increasing our debt at a rate four times faster than Bush, with no plans to start slowing down.

I could do this for pages and pages, but those of you reading this already know this, it's just preaching to the choir.

How about the housing market? It's about to implode.

How about rising costs? Of everything? That's being caused by the continuing loss of value of the dollar. What's causing that? They're printing more money - billions and billions - to buy back our debt. That's NEVER worked, never will. But it does destroy our money.(it's called inflation... That leads to hyper-inflation)

We won't wake up tomorrow to face the greatest collapse of a nation in the history of man. It takes time to slide down the slope from the very top to the very bottom.

But the signs are there... That we are sliding by the last exit.

So I will be spending more time and effort to dig in, to create something I can duck behind.

And besides, you do realize that this Administration and this Congress has passed laws that make it illegal to criticize the government in times of a national emergency?

Wouldn't want to break any new laws, now would we?

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