Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ultimate Snub

I just watched Obama address the UN. Durned if he didn't sound like Reagan with all his references to freedom and opportunity. His lofty oration on such things made me wonder if I was watching a confused stand-in instead of the real man.

FOX news (after Obama's speech) mentioned that Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be speaking shortly after Obama, and mentioned that our UN delegation was not present at Ahmadinejad's last speech to the UN. They had walked out, leaving only a lowly note-taker present. This is considered as the ultimate snub by one Nation to another.

The FOX talking heads wondered if our UN delegation would do the same thing today or remain in the chamber.

Which brings me to my main point today:

While Obama was speaking to the UN, cameras continually panned to the Israeli delegation section, showing that the Israeli delegation was not present. Their seats were empty. Apparently not even a note-taker.

So. Before the entire world, today at the UN, Israel delivered the ultimate snub to the United States, a Nation without who's total support Israel would cease to exist.

OK. If they want to embarrass the United States, spit in our faces with the entire world watching, fine by me. But let them experience the real world consequences of such actions.

Actions DO have consequences, and it's about time we started to give Israel the opportunity to learn this fact.

Remove our support. Apply the same sanctions to Israel as we have applied to Iran. Level the playing field.

I'm no fan of either side in this insane war and am constantly amazed how America let itself be trapped into propping up one side in this endless war over property rights.

And by the way FOX news fans, although FOX news talked of our delegation walking out on Iran's president recently, they made NO mention about Israels' disgusting show of contempt for the President of the United States today, even if it was Obama.

Maybe FOX should practice what it preaches... Fair and balanced reporting.

Don't hold your breath.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Fox is owned by the same BanKhazar-fellating Papists that own ABCNNBCBS...They are careful to maintain a counterfeit conservative facade while being sure not to offend the Owners oF the country.
As for the UN-Constitutional and UNconscionable abomination on the coast of Jew York Shitty, forget it: "Our last, best hope for" VeldtSchtaat should be abandoned and turned into a homeless shelter or better yet, a public toilet to more accurately honor the place the world goes to crap on America.
When a communist like Obama talks about freedom, he speaks of the freedom of government to do whatever it wants to people.