Saturday, October 02, 2010

A True Racist Bites The Dust

The sun always rises:

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was fired Friday by the news network after he went on a tirade during a radio interview calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and accusing the "elite, Northeast establishment liberals” of labeling him as “second-tier” because of his Cuban-American background..."

Rick Sanches was one reason I quit watching CNN. His blatant anti-white, pro-Mexican attitude was obvious in every story he pursued, and it just got tiresome, his endless racist spittle hidden under a thin veneer of "reporting".

His kind of attitude, parroted by so many minorities, that they can be a biased and arrogant racist loudmouth because they're a minority has run it's course.

Many of the most racist people today in America are the minorities themselves, supported by white liberal guilt... And unchallenged for the same reason.

Rick Sanchez rode his "blame/hate whitey" horse right into the ground, so hard that even the liberal guilt peddlers at CNN had to act.

That, all by itself, is amazing.

Don't look now, but Soledad O'Brien may be the next to hit the bricks. She is so loaded with liberal guilt that her excessive fawning over minorities is just plain embarrassing.

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