Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why They Hate Us

Wikileaks has posted a decrypted military video showing the attack on unarmed civilians, including photographers for the Reuters News organization.

The Freedom of Information Act was invoked to obtain this video.

Watch the short version first... If you still have the stomach, then look at the longer version.

If you watch closely, you will reach the conclusion that these people were shot down based on the word of one man in a distant helicopter on the radio, who claimed they had RPG's and AK-47's.

Can you see any weapons in this video? Good enough to testify in court? Good enough to deliver a death sentence for all those people casually - and openly - walking in their neighborhood street??

Can you definitely state that the guy looking around the corner of that building - the guy holding that looks like he's holding a straight black something - Can you positively identify that as an RPG? Positively enough to kill him and the men around him?

I can't.

Maybe it was the other Reuters photographer holding a camera with a telephoto lens?

Maybe that guy was holding an RPG, but the military who arrived on the scene refuse to say. There are no photos, no testimony being offered as proof. The rest of the dead had no visible weapons, no AK-47's. They were carrying nothing.

And the two kids sitting in the front seat of the van? Shot by soldiers whose only defense is that the victims shouldn't have brought their kids into a battle? These shooters are sick men.

No wonder they want to kill us all. To them, we are nothing but murdering animals.

It's time - way past time - to get out. It is obvious from this video that this war is dehumanizing our military, creating soldiers that will murder indiscriminately... And then laugh about it, just as the video shows.

All we are doing is generating more hate, more death, creating more terrorists who will try to kill us... Anywhere in the world and at any time they find us exposed.

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when we are marching around, policing, wet-nursing, bottle-feeding and spanking the whole freaking world for the glory of the Vatican and the advancement of the Roman Catholic cult.
Welcome to "Pax America"!

-Ted Amadeus