Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Venturing Out Of The Bubble

Our presidents and politicians have - for many years - made a point of making appearances only in places where they are guaranteed a warm welcome and much applause. This is partially a result of TV coverage that shows every little detail of a politicians public outings, good or bad, and the deep desire of politicians not to have to face the music.

Obama is no exception to this, but his world-class ego has expanded to the point that he is starting to ignore this political strategy, believing that wherever he goes, he will be met with adoration and love.

Tain't necessarily so.

His latest foray into his loving public was to support Progressive Socialist Barbara Boxer (who is in serious re-election trouble) and resulted in his being booed at and shouted down, a most refreshing change to the usual appearance of the staged love and devotion we have been exposed to by his carefully selected adoring crowds to pontificate in front of, and a pliant media.

However, as his polls continue to tank due to his horrid policies, this will happen more and more. Boos, catcalls, and yelling, being shouted down and silenced.

He did not like it at all, and showed it. His inability to hide his contempt, disgust and anger with anyone who disagrees with him will be his undoing.

As a result, his public appearances will become less and less public and more and more in front of hand-picked crowds that will cheer and applaud on cue as required. These audiences will become darker and darker, the chants will become more ebonic in nature, and the press will be absent far more often.

The day may actually come when we aren't tortured with his daily delivery of lies and misinformation on our TV's, a day when we can watch whatever it is we watch without those blond bimbos and sadly comical anchors interrupting us all with yet another rambling lecture from this failing parody of a man who would be King.

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Ted Amadeus said...

And THAT'S just the American people clearing their throat...Can you imagine what will happen when we start to speak in November, and he doesn't have a socialist majority in Congress to aid and abet his subversion anymore (can't call it treason, he's not a native citizen).
I will be happy if Barbara "Botox" and HITLERy's dyke in the House, Nancy, get the boot.