Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Lecturing Spinner


President Barack Obama called anew for overhauling the nation’s immigration laws, saying a failure to do so will lead to “misguided” efforts such as legislation passed in Arizona.
“Our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others,” Obama said at a Rose Garden naturalization ceremony for 24 members of the U.S. military. “That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona.”

This finger-wagging narcissist has the gall to claim that the federal government's failure to act responsibility will result in others acting likewise.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting real tired of this guy constantly wagging that damn finger in from of us... Like some affirmative action school teacher does to a classroom full of dumbed-down kids.

“misguided” efforts. That cheezy comment is particularly galling, since Obama's health care plan is the most misguided effort in America's history, a disastrous truth we are discovering more and more every day.

Bloomberg says in the indicated thread:

The state legislature passed a bill that would make it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally and require local police to determine the immigration status of anyone an officer suspects of being in the country without proper documentation.

I do believe that is wrong.

Arizona's law states that it is a crime to be in Arizona illegally, not the entire United States.

Arizona is a sovereign state, just like the other 49. If they wish to pass such a bill, they have every right to do so, whether Obama likes it or not.

I'm fairly certain that Arizonans don't give a damn how many illegals are screwing up California or New York.

Good for them.

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