Friday, January 29, 2010

5.7% Growth of GDP

But don't get too excited... The two straight quarters of growth followed a record four quarters of decline, so we are still in a negative growth spiral. It's like a bump on a ski slope. No matter how far you bounce up, you're still headed down.

Obama loves to yammer on about about "saving" 2 million jobs... Sounds good until you realize we have lost 7.5 million jobs in the same period for real job losses of at least 5.5 million jobs.

None of this is progress. No way - no how.

And now this fool of a president says we're going to double our exports.

Of what? Solar panels? Give me a break.

We don't make anything the rest of the world can't make quicker and cheaper.

Yessir, the river's floodin', but we raised the levee 2 feet... While the water raised 7.5 feet. Ignore that wet, sloshy feeling you getting.

This blip in the GDP was fueled by companies refilling depleted stockpiles, a phenomena that will quickly vanish.


Anonymous said...
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Bob said...

The above deleted was another of those senseless rambling lunacies that advertized "get your rumbling eruption here now!"