Thursday, April 07, 2016

This Is Hilarious

It appears we have uneducated, untrainable and uncaring illegals not only building our houses, but apparently now they are designing them. You should easily spot the flaw in this house, one that needs some major reconstruction:

Yep... some access problems here....

Going to be pretty trough trying to park your car in this garage. Windows are pretty narrow.

Which is the least expensive cure? Tear out the walkway, the existing driveway and the curb, then pour a driveway from the garage door to the street, or re-frame the front and sides of the garage, and re-install the garage door to face the existing driveway?

A lot of home owners do not want a gigantic garage door to be a part of the front of their home, preferring side or rear entry for their cars. This home was intended to have a side entry approach. Some upscale subdivisions won't even allow front-facing garage doors.

I suppose we won't be informed as to how they fixed this mess-up.

Somebody was pretty damned inattentive - maybe just plain stupid -  to let this happen.

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