Saturday, April 23, 2016

Brutal Truth

Hey Snowflakes! (of both sexes)

Your "Safe Space"  will not shield you from the reality Clint Eastwood (below) is shoving in your face.

Hey illegals and "Refugees" pouring across our borders and those already here who think America owes you food, money, shelter, medical aid, schooling. college and preferential treatment for jobs:

Your time of looting the American taxpayer is nearing the end. We owe you nothing. Get out and take your family and relatives with you.  Go back to whatever third world hellhole you came from and fix it. You are not going to turn MY country into an echo of the third world hellhole you left.

No one owes you a damned thing either.

Don't want to work for a living?

Then go starve and die on a park bench or under a bridge somewhere. At least then you will quit stealing the resources needed to support those who work for them and deserve them. With seven billion humans on this planet today, we just don't need - and can't afford - any more sponges, leeches or parasites.

With half of America sitting on their asses, living off the half that is working their asses off, the once-noble idea of charity for anybody with a hand out has vanished into the mist of history, leaving America with the greatest debt the world has ever known.

So, if you don't want to support yourself,  too bad. I'm not going to support you either.

If you did not come here legally,  get out before we throw you out.

And to you despicable politicians and business tycoons who are behind this massive invasion by uneducated, diseased and unassimilatable illegals into America,  learn to fear the rope. One may be in your future.

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