Saturday, February 20, 2016

YUP... Democratic Presidential Material

Even back in those days.....

And yet, Progressives, socialists, feminists, SJW's - the whole lot - will still vote for her, or even the true Socialist (read Communist) Sanders, because the thought of voting for a strong America makes them physically ill.

Sorta sad really, but don't pity them. Pity is for someone who was harmed by someone or something else.  These slightly above average intelligence but witless loonies are doing it to themselves.

Remember. in "The Art of War", you are told that if you see your enemy damaging themselves, don't interfere, and both Clinton and Sanders are fatal doses of poison for them all.

Fun to watch as they - Lemming-like - charge over the cliff., But stay out of the way.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about this link? O don't like to defend Shrillary, but....

Bob said...

Well, I note that no one claims authorship of the article or any references to any official records which -to me - indicates that the article is a white-wash attempt.

Hillary - to her discredit - has shown throughout her political career that she does indeed lie(as on Benghazi), that she is unethical and dishonest (as in Whitewater) and certainly violates the rules of confidentiality (her personal unsecured server).

As for the two remaining claims - violating the Constitution and the rules of the House - I personally have no overt proof of, but three of the five accusations are indeed true and lend credence to the rest.

This post does not accuse her of "initiating" all the actions as in your referenced article, but rather claims that her personal character is dangerously flawed, and her actions to date support that claim.

Your referenced article appears to have the sole purpose of smearing and maligning of Zeifman, a classic maneuver to deflect and confuse when the truth can no longer be denied.

None of us can ever know the total truth about Hillary or her conduct. So we must look at all available information and make our own conclusions.

I've done that and have decided that Hillary is fatally flawed as an individual and not deserving of the presidency of any other public office.

You make up your own mind.Don't let the SJW's in the media do it for you. and if you continue to use anonymous you will be deleted.