Monday, December 21, 2015

States Rights? What's That?

A not-so-subtle reminder that the War of the Rebellion was not about owning slaves, it was about States Rights.

Slavery was just one of many issues at stake in that war.

And for you modern, highly informed college graduates: Both Grant and Lee were generals, but on opposite sides of the issue

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Actually, slavery did not become an issue until 1863, when support for the war was flagging in the north and Establishment GeOPapi$t$ were casting about for an excuse to rouse the rubes (think "They hate US for our freeDUMB!!!").
The Whore of Babylon has 2000 years experience concocting them.
If WBTS was about abolition, it failed: Lincoln was an useful idiot who was eliminated once his usefulness to the Khazari$tocracy and its Whore was expended, and his "greenback" laid the foundation for enslaving everyone under the FedRes ("KikeBancUSA") in 1913.