Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Hiding Behind The Mask...

Why is it  SWAT  members hide behind a mask? We are told it is so they won't be recognized and thus expose their families to danger. If that's their excuse, if what they are doing is a danger to their families, then don't be a SWAT cop.

My contention is that most of them don't want to be recognized, period. They are now doing things to the citizens they know are illegal, unlawful and prosecutable,  and don't want any repercussions

Same as the KKK before them.

When you carry a weapon, are backed by the law and at the same time above it and untouchable, you are in fact worse than the KKK ever was.

Take the old school bully,  give him a gun, a badge and the ability to kill without consequence, and THEN let him hide behind a mask,  and what you have is a walking killer.

The KKK lynched a few blacks in their time. But now many of these modern SWAT "police" are just gunning them down in the streets,  in public, on camera, and are walking away bragging and laughing.

They raid the wrong houses, killing innocent citizens and destroying property without recourse, without consequence. A few days administrative leave, with pay? Don't make me laugh.

Not all police, of course.

But there are a whole lot of them that belong in prison.

Problem is, the police themselves refuse to weed out the bad apples.

What's the solution? Damned if I know, since we citizens refuse to elect honest politicians. Perhaps shooting back, or shooting first, will become the order of the day.

If these masked "law enforcers" won't obey and respect the law, why the hell should Mr. Citizen?

As our civilization declines, I see little more than increased violence everywhere.

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