Saturday, July 11, 2015

Those Massive Hacks

The bad news? Keep reading.

Millions of governmental personnel have had their entire files hacked by forces that are without doubt unfriendly to our nation.

One must certainly wonder why the United States Government - armed with billions of our tax dollars - cannot seem to protect their computer systems.

Hell, the answer is simple. Keep in mind these government hired and funded programmers are the same sort of idiots that spent 5 BILLION dollars on the Obamacare website which is still NOT operating smoothly.

Now why is that? I'll tell you why...

These programming companies that have been hired at insane prices to do government work are companies headed by political buddies of the administration who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to computers and couldn't hire a team of proficient programmers if their lives depended on it,  They get those juicy contracts as payoff for favors, and we get programs and websites created by morons.

That's why.

You want some really good programmers to get the job done?  Of course you do.

Well, where are they?

They are where the job is fun and rewarding... they're creating GAMES.

Let those game developers tackle the hacking problem. They'll get the job done... at a fraction of the price those paid off good buddies that have failed totally.

Don't even listen to the bullshit being dispensed about why all this is happening.  It happening because those claiming to do the job should be mopping floors and cleaning the toilets at REAL programming companies.

Damn, it's frustrating, what those administration clowns and imbeciles are doing to is.  

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