Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sanctuary Cities

San Francisco - Defies the federal government over illegals,
but still expects all manner of federal handouts. They can't
 have it both ways, can they? Let's make sure they don't.

A lot of news is occurring about Sanctuary cities and and illegals that are hiding in them, safe from federal authorities.

Well, I suppose any city can declare themselves a "Sanctuary City" if they choose, just like San Francisco, and - like San Francisco - refuse to cooperate in any way with federal authorities when an illegal is the subject.

Fine and dandy.  We like to consider ourselves a free nation, with free States, Cities counties, etc. etc. etc.

But here's my deal:

Any City, community, State, or whatever that refuses to observe federal law loses all federal support.

No federal funds for ANYTHING... not schools, not roads, not welfare, not medical assistance, nothing.  No FEMA when an earthquake strikes, or floods, or hurricanes, or tornadoes, nothing. No FAA to operate their airport towers, or investigate plane crashes, nothing.

These cities can certainly do what they want. But they need to discover there are consequences for bad decisions, and the big one is NO MONEY.

Make it a law and call it "Bobs Law". I won't mind the heat at all.


I chose the above picture of San Francisco because the sun is obviously setting, something that is happening in real life to the this fabulous City by the bay.  Another one of America's once great cities being destroyed by those who hate everything about a powerful and successful America... and its true citizens.

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