Thursday, November 13, 2014

Water Woes

Clean, safe water on tap. Soon to be a luxury.

I've been serving on the Board of Directors for a WSC (Water Supply Corp.) supplying potable water to a small community on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas for several years now. In my position as a board member, it has become increasingly necessary to learn more and more on the subject of water.

What I have been learning is alarming.

After a lifetime of being able to go to the tap and get clean, safe water without effort or concern, I am beginning to realize that this convenience is soon to be a privilege, and an expensive one at that.

Every where on this planet, disastrous things are happening to our supply of fresh water.

Underground water reservoirs, known as aquifers, are being pumped out and depleted, mostly by huge food growers that provide a large percentage of what we eat. Most of the aquifers they are draining have taken thousands of years to fill and will be totally depleted in a few short years. some are already gone. You can see this happening in Arizona and California, States that have allowed the depletion of these sources that will not be refilled for centuries. Those massive farms will be forced to shut down. You will be able to watch first hand as California's economy collapses when that occurs.

A dead California farmland. This is happening NOW,
 not sometime in the future.

Just as alarming - if not more so - is the fact that we have been dumping all manner of poisons in the environment everywhere for decades, and now these poisons have reached down far enough through the soil to invade and contaminate our only drinkable water supplies.  There is no way to prevent what we have dumped in the past from reaching this water today.  Soon, every drop of water needed by humans to survive will  be required to go through a complicated process of  decontamination and purification. This will be expensive. Drinking and cooking water, water with which to wash our clothes and dishes will soon be sold by the gallon, just like gasoline or milk.

Drill a private well? forget it, you'll be pumping up the same poisoned water.

How about water from snow packs and rain?

You already see what's happening... weather patterns are changing, something we can do nothing about either. Caused by human introduced CO2?  It doesn't much matter at this point... our fresh water is already fatally compromised.

A dried-up reservoir. This photo could have been taken 
almost anywhere.

The awful truth behind all this is that in trying to provide food and water for seven billion human beings, we have depleted and/or poisoned what fresh water is available worldwide. Poison and contamination runoff from our farms and stockyards, algae blooms in our lakes and rivers,  sewage dumped into rivers and lakes by uncaring cites and communities.

Right now - today - there are things in your water that your water supplier is not equipped to remove. If and when they do install the necessary equipment to guarantee the safety of your water, the price will go through the roof.

This is inevitable. The water is already mostly gone from the aquifers, and the billions of tons of poisons we have been throwing away haphazardly has already reached our underground reserves. Our only solution at this time and into the foreseeable future is massive filtration and purification.

Even oxygen levels are starting to fall what with billions of people, millions of vehicles, thousands of gas, coal and oil power plants all sucking up the available oxygen is now becoming a problem.

Anybody know how to manufacture oxygen?

Our planet cannot continue to support the tremendous number of humans that today are consuming and polluting on a scale almost beyond comprehension.

Does the government talk of this?  No.  They don't have a clue about what to do, other than to reduce the world population back down to a sustainable level, about 500 million or so, and do it soon enough to stop this disastrous process from continuing and/or growing.

However it is discussed, it is genocide on a scale unimaginable. No government on earth would dare propose such a move.

But what they are secretly planning to do - because it must be done - is a subject for another post.


texlahoma said...

The only way that I know of to produce oxygen is plants, plants that need water.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You ever notice most the same people making this noise are the same ones that concocted the FAILED ozone layer scare and the NEARLY Failed global warming/climate change scare tactics?
Just personal conjecture, but I'd lay down SERIOUS Jack This Is ALL COVER for our leftist Prog 0bammunist pals while they hoard, hoard and hoard! I'm willing to wager there are warehouses & abandoned oil refinery tankers BURSTING with hoarded beef and water for our oyveying overlords, while places like Gaza, Detroit, West Africa etc. are used for test areas and "controlled burn" of whatever various methods beyond "The Hunger Project" are going to be employed to "reduce the surplus population"/GET RID AUF ZE FECKINK GOYIM. Once a successful, unobtrusive method is divised, they will move up the food chain to the Second World socialist wimps in Europe, who long ago mortgaged their soul to the BanKHAZAR company store, and start knocking them off.
We are Primary Target: While the JEWSmedia raises hysteria about the "crisis" or "epidemic", FEMA camps will be retooled to process the " lucky" suckers who get vaccinated and chipped to live in the JEW World Order, while the politically incorrect (impudent goyim) are left to die or euthanized.