Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Water Woes - Chapter Two

From the Sacramento Bee:

Officials say residents of a Central Valley community where hundreds of home wells have run dry can now take hot showers.
Andrew Lockman of the Tulare County Office of Emergency Service said Tuesday that they've brought in portable showers for residents of East Porterville. The ongoing drought has caused many of their shallow wells to run dry, forcing them to drink bottled water and bathe from buckets.
Lockman says they are worried about residents taking sponge baths during the cold winter.
He says people have to bring their own soap and towels to the portable showers, but for many it will be the first hot water they've felt in months.
Officials say the county is paying $30,000 a month for the showers set up in a church parking lot.
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As I mentioned in the previous post, California first.

Shown below is what one manufacturer calls its "luxury" version.

The not so "Luxury" version:

The two shown above are only examples. No photos available yet as to what the ones look like that they are using.

Yessir, lets all grab our soap and towels, some clean clothes, and waltz downtown to the parking lot for our Saturday weekly shower.

Where do you put your clothes after you remove them? Or do you wash them at the same time?

God help you if you have claustrophobia.

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