Thursday, June 19, 2014

Now We Know Why

I'm sure you noticed and perhaps, like myself,  was stunned by the blatant arrogance and contempt displayed by this women while being questioned about her actions at the IRS.

Lois Learner... knew she had her back covered

Now we know what she already knew. Her hard drive containing all her E-mails had been destroyed.

From National review Online:
It is also part of a broader problem: Government record-keeping practices aren’t very good. At the IRS, servers are backed up for only six months and more permanent record keeping is, it appears, an individual responsibility, with agency employees instructed to print hard copies of documents that may be subject to freedom of information requests." 

Can you believe that? ";;; instructed to print hard copies of documents that may be subject to freedom of information requests." Oh hell yes, that's the stuff they would destroy first, then destroy the hard drives. In six months, nothing would be left. Even the servers are wiped.

So there she sat, confident and arrogant, looking down her nose at Congress, because she - being no dummy - knew the evidence was gone.

Match, set and game. Over before it began.

Now we are being told that six or more other hard drives with e-mails about the same subject have also been lost or destroyed.

Learner is not the tip of the iceberg, she's just a snowflake on the top of the tip, but a protected snowflake... insulated from prosecution,  untouchable, above the law. And she knows - like every other crooked politician in Washington -  there are no Bob Lee Swaggers anywhere around.

That's why she sat there with that look of utter contempt on her face.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You can't hold one of "gods chosen" RUSSIANS accountable!
Take that KIKEal Bloomberg @$$hat for example: Breaking every campaign finance law on the books to grab your guns & getting away with it...UN-believable!