Friday, June 20, 2014

Coming To a home Near You. Maybe YOURS.

Oh goody...

Those "precious" children swarming across our borders are bringing  a host of future contagious disease outbreaks with them.

The Scabies mite. A passenger on many border-jumping illegals.

From WND:
Health professionals are warning of a “humanitarian crisis” festering in Texas and Arizona as a result of unchecked border crossings of illegal-immigrant children into border communities.
Cramped conditions and the spread of difficult-to-treat diseases has doctors worried in the wake of a massive influx of children coming across the Mexican-U.S. border, many of them from Central and South America. Outbreaks of scabies, lice, dengue fever, tuberculosis and other diseases – many of them contagious – are already being documented among the children and in some border agents who work among them.

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What the hell is wrong with those lunatics in Washington?  We're all fairly used to their wingnut projects and screwball programs, but at the very least we expect them to protect our citizens from things like third world diseases and contagions.

Send them back. Send them all back  Put them on boats or planes and ship them back to the nation that they belong to. They are not our responsibility and certainly should  not be our problem. Sending them back will cost us far less in the long run. We don't have the money, the space, or the ability to absorb these border-jumping criminals.

Yes, jumping our border is a crime, and a foreign minor sneaking into the United States harboring contagious tuberculosis can be - and is - a criminal.

Allowing them to stay here and encouraging them to get here is about the dumbest thing Washington has come up with lately.  the Department of Homeland Security (LOL) needs to get its nose out of the terrorist threat mantra and start paying attention to the contagious disease threat posed by these third world  rejects. Send them back to where they came from. Let their own governments step up to the plate and stop dumping their problems on our doorstep.

I agree with the new majority that Obama is simply not up to task of leading the nation. We need to get rid of him.

Impeach and convict. We can weather that idiot Biden for a couple years while we search for some real leaders.



I am so sad about your scary this must be for both of you..I hope she continues to recover..I would like to send her a card and wish her well..send me your address(will never give it to anyone else) and I will send her a card and include her on my prayer list..Goddess bless you both.


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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The kids are not the problem.
The bead-fingering, idol-worshipping communists in the Vatican and their stooges in both parties - THAT is the Problem!
They will "liberation" atheo-illogy this country to death, with KILLary cheering it on.