Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Granny Strikes Again

Dear Ole Granny posts another of her posters that shows only a small part of the actual picture;

100%. Yup... that sure is fantastic. Now why can't America do that?

OK... the poster asks us to share this information. Well and Good.. But I am adding a bit more information as to why those Icelanders managed to do all that.

First off, Iceland is pretty small, only 39,770 square miles. For comparison, the State of Virginia has 40,598 square miles, or  pretty much the same size as Iceland.

Iceland's population as of the 3rd quarter 2012 was 320,660. For comparison,  Virgina population as of 2012 is 8,001,024.

So. Iceland needs to provide energy for 320,660 people, while Virginia has to provide energy for 7,680,364 more folks.

Now, how many kilowatts of electrical power is used by Iceland residents compared to the average American, including Virginians?

The average Icelander uses 28, 213, 327 Kwh per year (2004)
The average American uses 13, 351,067 Kwh per year.(2004)

That's a bit surprising... Those green-loving Icelanders use more than twice as much electrical power per person as we power-hungry Americans do. Maybe it's because they need a lot more energy just to stay warm. But wait a minute...  about 87% of Iceland's population enjoys central heating piped in from geothermal energy plants and do not use electric furnaces or heaters.

Geothermal energy? That's heat generated underground by volcanic activity that creates steam, lots of it. Free steam. And Iceland is really just a huge volcano. Maybe they use all that electricity for light during those long winter nights.

Iceland generates most of it's electricity (about 30,000 GWh) from hydro power. That's where they build big dams across rivers, dams that block all those innocent fish from getting to their upstream spawning grounds. Iceland, being way up north, gets lots and lots of snow, which fills up lots of lakes that provide abundant water flow for those hydro power plants at the dams.

Bottom line: Iceland's 320,660 citizens are lucky as hell to have abundant free water and free steam to provide all their energy needs. That's how they managed to "totally convert to green energy".

So, how much free water and free steam do we have? If we had the same amount of totally green energy Iceland does, we could provide heating and electrical energy to just one American city about the size of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has a population of  382,618, leaving only about 60,000 of those city dwellers  out in the cold and dark.

America is not a gigantic active volcano with which we can tap for limitless steam heat.  America does not have the river resources to build all the hydro power plants we would need. 

Keep in mind that the entire population of Iceland - every man, woman and child -  could visit New York and not fill up all the available hotel rooms, so when a population that small has managed to go totally green because they're living in top of a gigantic volcano does in no way mean the rest of us can do the same thing.

These ultra-far-left liberals have no sense of scale, so when one puts up a poster like the one above,  consider the source, and before you buy into any of it, check the facts. 

People who run on emotion rather than logic should not be allowed out into the public unescorted. They can not only damage themselves, they can cause great harm to others.   


W.LindsayWheeler said...

Thanks for the research! Thanks for the insights. You are absolutely right. "Comparing apples with oranges". Great harm indeed.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Actually, we have massive amounts of geothermal energy under Yellowstone National Park, but we'd have to fight the greenies & Earth-bitch-worshippers to get at that, too.
Sounds like a heluva lot of Ain't Gonna Happen no matter how you slice it.