Sunday, December 09, 2012


Panic spreading!
Women screaming!
Children crying!
Grown men sobbing!
Dogs pooping!

Oh-oh... better get your wet suit out....

We have all heard about the Mayan long-count calendar which ends its present cycle and starts a new round on December 21st, 2012.

Well, on the morning of December 21st, I'm going to put a rocking chair out on the back porch and watch the sunrise. I'll take a few beers and some chips out there with me, and then wait for the end of the world.

And then - come sundown - I'll go back into the house and watch as TV tells us how it was all just another silly little superstition believed only by the ignorant and simpleminded.

That's my prediction.

One must realize that this Mayan long-count calender has cycled through at least four(that we know of) complete cycles and the world is still here. That doesn't say much for the idea that this particular cycle end will usher in utter destruction.

However... If the Mayan long-count calendar is based on anything, it must be something astronomical, as in sky-watching and star gazing, something with a 5,000 year repeatable cycle.

That could be a meteor swarm, a humongous asteroid or comet, maybe the fabled "Nemesis", our supposed companion sun, any of them cruising in for another close encounter, causing a lot of earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Would the gummint tell us if they had spotted an incoming stellar nasty? Probably not, what with the expected panic of the herd and all that.

If there really is a big nasty something headed our way, I hope I'll be able to see it from my porch. Probably won't take any photographs tho... who would be around afterwards to see them?

So, for the uninformed and unconcerned amongst us, the way to spend the day is either ignore it all completely, or sit on the porch and watch the show(if any).

By the way:

If anybody wants to give away all their worldly possessions - money, gold, silver, jewelry, etc - before the end, let me know and I'll send you a shipping address.

I'll take really good care of it.



Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This should make something like the 15th time I've experienced "DEJA-MOO"* on this topic since birth...color me skeptical.
The day & hour of the world getting the Almighty Finger isn't known exactly to anyone, but you can bet the rent this "you're-all-deadline" won't be it!
*DEJA-MOO: The nagging certainty one has herd all this bullshit before.

texlahoma said...

It makes me wonder if Terrence McKenna's time wave zero is right.
It gauges change and if it's right, we're in for quite a change.
I took the day off to do basically what you are talking about doing.
It's bound to be a wild day, people will be doing stupid stuff, (more than usual, I mean) it will be entertaining at least.

Bob said...

Fun times...

Be sure to leave the radio or TV on, it's going to be non-stop reports of crazy stuff.