Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nationwide News Blackout

Here's a massive wreck that is almost impossible to get details on:

SPARKS, Nev. (AP) — Two truck drivers and a train engineer watched helplessly as a semitrailer slammed into an Amtrak passenger train at a Nevada highway crossing, skidding the length of a football field before it smashed through the warning gates and into a pair of double-decker cars.

They say his brakes must have failed.

When an eighteen-wheeler is involved in a serious accident out in the southwest and the news is buried, you can pretty much be certain that the truck driver was a Mexican National driving a Mexican truck, one of the trucks that have been allowed to enter the United States without any sort of proper safety inspection or oversight, part of the administrations pilot program to allow unlimited access across our borders for Mexican freight haulers.

I imagine we will never know for sure, particularly if the driver was indeed a Mexican national... Bad press for the pilot program.

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