Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Airline Add-0n Fees Increasing.

Airlines have doubled baggage fees and other add-ons since the extra charges took off in 2008.

Can't say I blame them... More and more people can't seem to travel with less than half their wardrobe.

Used to be that the average passenger had one carry-on and maybe one for the cargo hold. Not so much anymore. You see many more flying travelers who think the airline is also a free moving company for their stuff:

So. Let her pay for transporting all that crap. Pound for pound, it takes the same amount of fuel to move a chest-high pile of baggage as it takes for a paying passenger.

I can hear it all now: But, but... She was on the way to college! She needs all that! OK, fine and dandy. If she can afford today's tuition, she can sure afford to pay the airlines to get her junk there. And when she gets there, her first course definitely needs to be "Dress for Success 101".

And I might add... Those obese 400+ pounders should pay double. The laws of physics don't change because they can't - or won't - push themselves away from the trough.

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