Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Curiosity's Curious "Crab" Creature

The Mar's rover curiosity send back the below photo of a quite strange "something" on a cliff face on Mars.

It's hard for me to just conclude that this "something" is some sort of natural rock formation. The possibility that it is a living crab-like creature crawling around the rocks is incredibly slim, but it just might be some sort of plant growth rooted into a crevice in the cliff face.

The circular shape pretty much eliminates the possibly that it is lava, or mud, or some kind of flowing mixture oozing out of the cliff face, since it's apparently "hanging"  vertically, so the shape would slump into an oval, and certainly not ooze upward as some of the features indicate.

Who knows what it is.. We sure Don't.  Nor does NASA.

But it sure is interesting.

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