Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Right To Exist? How Interesting

Says Murray:

"A lot of us believe in some form of white nationalism—even if we are hesitant to call it that—or at the very least, the idea that a white American identity is or should be a positive thing. Over at my personal blog I started to organize my own thoughts about what defines us. In short, we're white, English-speaking, and have become native to North America. That must be the basis for our identity as a group. We are Anglo-Americans, not something esoteric but a people with a history on this continent. In the mainstream view of things, however, we are a people who only have an identity when we are needed as a bogeyman: privileged racist white male shitlord oppressors."

Murray has a point here. Seems whenever a white man is mentioned publicly nowadays its how he is either a bogeyman, a  privileged racist white male shitlord oppressor, or one or more of many degrading labels including  homophobe and  sexist, 

Perhaps it is time for us white, native-born men and women to accurately label ourselves, particularly in a nation where group labels have become so important... African American, Mexican American.. Indian American, Muslim American, Jewish American,,, on and on.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with "Anglo-American", and if the rest of all these hyphenated-American groups don't like it, too bad.

And it's time for our women to decide which side they're on, which group they belong to, because that's going to be a critical issue - soon - as our once-united America separates itself into areas identified primarily by these group preferences driven by race, religion and sexuality.

Fun days are a-comin' as this separation process grinds its way to its inevitable conclusion.

When we have fully identified, developed and acknowledged these enclaves, these places of distinct territorial, cultural and social identities, I see no reason whatever why we Anglo-Americans should continue to support any of them with our sweat and treasure.

There can be as many centralized(federal) governments as there are of these enclaves to make rules, levy taxes and spend their money, although I suspect we (as a group) have had enough of this practice of having a remote collection of thieves and plunderers taking our money and tossing it around like drunken sailors.  

Those who want to be free and independent of us, and what they claim to be our "privileged racist white male shitlord oppression", go for it. But that freedom and independence means they will have to support themselves, not us. Diversity at its best.

Sounds fair to me. 

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