Friday, March 13, 2015

Climate Disruption

"Climate disruption". Been happening since the dawn of time.
One of these will definitely disrupt your sunny day picnic climate. 

People have been taught to cope with change by thinking it’s not all bad, but climate change is all bad, according to a climate scientist at Argonne National Laboratory who says it’s time to replace the term climate change, itself a replacement for global warming, with a new term: climate disruption.

Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Socialists and Marxists all have a standard playbook maneuver - an insidious frontal attack on common sense and conscience through language manipulation.


The deaf became "hearing impaired".
The blind became "vision impaired".
The crippled became "mobility impaired."

All that's not too bad, it helps weak stomached unicorn riders cope better with their version of reality.

But a far more subversive  manipulation become obvious when:

Illegal aliens become "Illegal immigrants", and then "undocumented immigrants."
Homosexuals become "gays".
Abortionists become "Pro-choice."

Each euphemism converts a negative association into a positive one. Then they hammer and endlessly repeat the new version until it has saturated itself into every cranium, and presto! Something negative became something positive.

Unfortunately, it seems that around 51% of adult Americans are uneducated enough, ignorant enough and uncaring enough that this tactic has worked quite well, resulting in the Marxist/Socialist mess we find ourselves neck deep in today.

At one time - when IQ was an important measure of mental ability - we had standard gauges and terms to identify levels of  stupidity:

IQ of 0-25  : Idiot
IQ of 26-50: Imbecile
IQ of 51-70: Moron

Yes, that's true.

Then, due to the pressures of political correctness, they were all lumped into one category -- mentally retarded. But that was far too harsh for the unicorn riders, so the new definition became "Intellectually challenged" which sounds so much nicer, and idiot, imbecile and moron became everyday insults instead of useful measures.

Now, we are hearing things like:

Intergenerational sex advocate, previously know as a pedophile.
Minor-attracted person, once known as a child molester.

The list is long a growing longer.  However, you can bet big money they will never change a "rapist" into a "sexually overactive male". Labels like racist, bigot, redneck, white trash -, labels they love and use over and over - will be with us forever.

None the less, the deaf are still deaf, the blind are still blind, and an undocumented immigrant is still a border-jumping illegal law breaker.

Now, since global warming and climate change have lost their ability to frighten the uneducated, we will now start hearing  about "climate disruption".

Watch for it. They will all parrot this new catch phrase to death.

Those of you that can recite the alphabet can start yawning now.

Those of you that can recite the alphabet forwards and backwards can have a big belly laugh now.

Those of you who don't know what the alphabet is and has someone reading this to you (unlikely),


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"Political language is contrived to make lies appear truthful, and murder respectable, and to lend the appearance of solidity to pure wind."
~George Orwell on JABBERWOCKY

texlahoma said...

I was reading what some Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption advocates were predicting "By 2015 we would be over run by climate refugees, many of which would be women that would have to turn to prostitution to support themselves."
Needless to say, I'm very disappointed, just the same old whores around here.

Bob said...

LOL Tex...