Monday, December 22, 2014

Putting It All Out There

Armed and ready at the Bundy ranch. An omen of our future?

From Vox today:

"... I find it morbidly amusing that in the middle of a global economic downturn, with the world gearing up for a whole series of shooting wars and Americans openly arming to defend themselves against a corrupt federal government..."

;",,,Americans openly arming themselves against a corrupt federal government..."

Can't get much plainer that that.

Damn. Looks like I'm not going to be able to just get a bit older and die in peace.

An idea growing in popularity among some old fogies is to take a few corrupt bastards with you when you go. A patriotic gesture, sort of.  And a way to get into the history books. Not my cup of tea, but I'll bet some real money there a quite a few out there getting ready to do just that. And the fact that when someone is more than ready to die and/or with nothing to lose, they are almost impossible to stop.

An old world curse:"May you live in interesting times"

It just may be that those interesting times are almost upon us. .\\


texlahoma said...

Maybe it's come to that, but it seems like there should be a better way.
Reminds me of the little bull and the Daddy bull. Little bull says
"Daddy, see all those cows? I'm gonna run down there and screw one of them."
Daddy bull says "Okay son, you do that, I'm going to walk down there and screw all of them."

BBC said...

Did you know that the inventor of the machine gun thought that it would end all wars? We all know how that has gone. The revolution won’t be fought with pasteurized milk, drink raw milk.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The inventor of the machine gun didn't pay much attention to what happened to Alfred Nobel, who had the same idea about dynamite.
There won't be a revolution without someone to lead it, and Americans of today spend way too much time looking around to be led, rather than leading.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

As a footnote, the military men and women are becoming more libertarian in their outlook, so it may well turn out that whatever middleman gets installed in the White House who presumes to declare war on the American people gives orders that are not obeyed.

BBC said...

If anything gets fixed it is the youth what will have to fix it. Us old warriors are just going to sit on our porches and take pot shots at those going by to keep everyone alert. :-)