Friday, October 17, 2014

Gateway Boulevard

The government has been building this massive overpass a few miles east of Terrell (TX) for the last couple of years, modern, totally up-to-date, eight lanes wide, servicing what will be a divided four lane hightway, one that jumps over the railroad tracks and US80.

This image, from Google earth, shows that millions of dollars and two years of work has ended up with  this "overpass to nowhere". It is in a north-south orientation, and the new signs just erected say it is called "Gateway Boulevard".  That makes a bit of sense, since in America avenues generally run east-west, and boulevards run north-south.

But Gateway? From where? To where?

The upper bit of road that swings west turns into a narrow two lane access road that was used to transport most of the material needed to build this thing. Other that that, in both directions  this overpass leads to nowhere.

Remember a few years back they were talking of a proposed high speed truck route from the Mexican border to Kansas City? It was to haul freight from Mexico's "proposed" all new deeper ports designed to handle all the traffic from China, and then using Kansas City as a transfer point to everywhere else in the U.S.

Now I wonder if there are more of these new road structures dotted up and down the landscape from this one, eventually to be a part of this once proposed truck route.

If Mexico is building those new ports, they will shut down all our west coast ports that cannot service the newest freighters that draw too much water. Goodbye tons of jobs in L.A. and San Diego and who knows where else.

Yessir, Looks like our federal and state governments are doing their very best to protect American jobs and industry.

Maybe I'll search with Google earth and see if any more of these things are being built along a general north-south direction

Maybe not... I'm just curious.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

We had this game we used to play at work during the winter when orders slowed down:
One day we'd move all the donations from one side of the warehouse to the other, the next we'd move it back.
That all ended when we took on a femin$tazi CEO, but not-for-profit parallels government in SOOO many ways!