Friday, September 19, 2014

The Birthing Pains Of Poverty


With our present immigration polices, our country can be like
 this in short order.

The poor, uneducated, untrained and disease-ridden people streaming across our borders by the millions are coming from places like the above. They are coming because they want to share in the prosperity we have created for ourselves.

Unfortunately, they do not want to become like us. The vast majority of them want to keep their own languages, their own cultures, their own form of laws and government, their own heritage.  They just want what we have, things they cannot create for themselves in their own countries, so they're coming here to take it from us.

What they want to keep is what put them into poverty in the first place. Besides bringing themselves, they are bringing their culture of poverty and ignorance with them. And they are coming in such massive numbers they are impacting our prosperity in a hugely negative way.

There has always been just so much to go around, even in the once hard-working America. We have always had our own poor and downtrodden to contend with... long before the first illegal slipped across our border.

The conditions for prosperity are fragile. Sure, there might be some abstract sense in which the world would be a better place if everybody could just come to America and cash in on our hard labor and effort.

" But you start bringing in waves of actual people, people who are poor for actual reasons, and they bring those reasons with them, then the result is they will be  better off, certainly, but we won’t be."*

The United states federal government estimates we now have over 50 million "refugees" imported from failed states and failing nations. These millions have displaced millions of Americans in their homes and jobs, because the truth is that we never did have 50 million jobs begging to be filled.  The real and ugly truth is that for every immigrant who found a job, an American lost one.

Every  "refugee" we have allowed entry receives all manner of government support... Free schooling, free medical, rental assistance, food stamps - the list is long - and all paid nowadays by our massive national debt.

And  every American who has lost their job to an immigrant - legal or illegal -  becomes yet another welfare recipient living off the working taxpayer. This vicious cycle will soon collapse the system.  

Then watch as the barrios, the ghettos and the slums grow exponentially in America.

We are facing a calamitous and massive invasion by the uneducated, untrained and diseased masses from states and nations that do not want them. If this is not stopped and reversed, America will collapse. 

If you know someone who actually believed the ludicrous statement that there were jobs Americans just would not do, remind them it was made by a spoiled rich boy elite who never had to truly work for anything in his life, Bush the Lessor.  No doubt dear little George would rather starve than actually have to pump out  septic tanks for a living.

*For a more in depth discussion on this go to "The right Stuff" at


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Almost half the country is ALREADY living in poverty, thanks to Bush-'bammunism, and the Khazar-Papist cabal ruining it with piss-poor management & globalist fascist policy intends to win The Race To The Bottom with evermore lending, evermore borrowing, perpetual war and fiat toilet paper "currency".
There's only one thing toilet paper is good for!

texlahoma said...

"Our" Democrat president doesn't care how bad it hurts this country, as long as they'll vote for Democrats and gun control.