Saturday, August 31, 2013

Presidential Metamorphosis Almost Complete

The blossoming Barry: 

Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal (some folks consider humans as just advanced animals) physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation. Some insects, amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, Cnidarians, echinoderms and tunicates undergo metamorphosis, which is usually accompanied by a change of habitat ( For example, from Chicago to Washington) or behavior(from bullshit artist to just plain liar).

Scientific usage of the term is exclusive, and is not applied to general aspects of cell growth, including rapid growth spurts. References to "metamorphosis" in mammals are imprecise and only colloquial, but historically idealist ideas (no kidding) of transformation and monadology, as in Gorthe's Metamorphosis of Plants, influenced the development of ideas of evolution  

In Barry's case, forget scientific usage, it is in what he said he would do as candidate Barry, and what he is actually doing as President Barry.

In the entire history of the world, no insect, amphibian, mollusk, crustacean, Cnidarian, echinoderm or tunicate has succeeded in such a massive change in so sort a time.

Remarkable? Not really. His metamorphosis is only in the public eye. He has not changed a whit, it is our perception of him and his agenda that is morphing.

What we are ending up with, no matter what you are - Progressive, Socialist, Liberal, Feminist, Democrat, Republican, conservative, gay, actually smart, whatever -  is a long ways away from what we expected... poor old Barry is nothing more than a malleable lump of clay, a puppet,  a party loving, golf playing and smooth-talking simpleton(with teleprompter and pre-written  script), molded and controlled by those who would rule the world, those who understand that a free America is their greatest enemy.

Give the fool his due credit, he has done his part admirably.

Don't blame him, we let him do it.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Accurate, as far as it goes.
Politicians are PUPPETS, Not Leaders.
Just as our political parties are merely two sides of the same counterfeit coin, the statesman is merely a middleman; a tool that does the will of the BanKhazars, AIPAC & the military-industrial complex for personal profit, to avoid being assassinated or - as is Comrade-0's case - BOTH!

texlahoma said...

Yep, I agree with you and Galt, a charismatic puppet. They will toss him aside like yesterday's coffee grounds when they are through with him, which might be pretty soon.