Friday, June 28, 2013

"Creepy-Ass Cracker" Trial Blovates Onward

I'm certain all of us are aware of the three-ring circus amusingly referred to as the Zimmerman murder trial currently polluting the airwaves from every possible direction.

The prosecution's star witness, Rachael Jeantel, has been most impressive with her testimony, particularly with the multiple versions of her story, generously giving the jurors a menu of multiple choice versions of truth and reality to select from, depending upon their particular mindsets.

By golly, that's the way it should be in an nation overcrowded with educated,  responsible and freedom-loving adults!  We gotta have choices, and it's all relative anyway.    

Rachael Jeantel.  She said Travon called Zimmerman a "Creepy-Ass Cracker".
She may not be getting her story(s) exactly straight, but we can all be grateful that race has not become a factor in this sad, sad tale of  lost youth and innocence.

I look forward to justice being served up in this trial without race, sex, national origin, religion, political preference  candor, bias, mistruth or lies ever having even been the tiniest of factors.

I need to go look under my pillow now. Perhaps the tooth fairy visited last night. 


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texlahoma said...

This whole thing is about trying to start a race war, I don't think it will work.