Monday, July 11, 2011

"Nazi" Town

There's a big ruckus going on in a teenie little Arizona town where the local police got a bit out of hand and are now running for cover:

The Arizona town that's become a YouTube sensation for its police department hauling away a woman speaking at a town-hall meeting allegedly declared a state of emergency this afternoon, leaving many local residents in fear of what officers dressed in full riot gear might do.

The putz that started it all was Local Councilman Joe Winslow, who decided that a citizen didn't have the right to speak at a public meeting. The Mayor disagreed.

The below photo is of Mr. "silence-the-opposition" himself.

I'm not posting the photo because this guy deserves it in any way. What I'm curious about is the flag he is standing in front of.

What, who or where does that flag/banner/sign represent?


Ted Amadeus said...

That's the Arizona state flag, Bob.

Bob said...

Rats... I was hoping it was a militia flag or something like that.

He looks the militia type.